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 Hi my name is Scott Meyer.  I've worked in the health and fitness industry since 2007.  I hold certifications in personal training including ACE (American Council on Exercise) Crossfit level I, Kettle Bell 1, Nautilus Schwinn Cycling, SCW Fitness Instructor, and SCW Group Strength Training Instructor.

    I have been passionate about health and fitness ever since I was overweight in high school.   I started lifting weights in 12th grade to get ready for a 4 year tour in the US Navy.  

    I work with clients from all fitness levels ranging from those new to fitness, collegiate athletes, to elder athletes.  I consider all of my clients athletes because they are and so are you.  I am committed to help every client reach their fitness goals through individualized training programs. I am highly experienced in helping with weight management and weight loss.  I have experience working with clients to manage osteoporosis, high blood pressure, obesity, and in post rehabilitation for orthopedic injuries. I also train clients to achieve their specific goals, injury free and enjoy sharing my knowledge to help clients achieve their full physical potential.

   You can expect a challenging, safe, fun workout that is goal oriented in helping you reach your full potential.


Having worked with a lot of personal trainers over many years I can safely say Scott is one of the very best . I always work with him when in NY and he has helped me get ready for many movies. He has great understanding of how the body works and his workouts are varied, specific, fun and (most importantly ) get results ... I feel very lucky to know him and work with him and hesitate to say too much more as anyone who works with him will realize immediately how good he is and am worried his availability will then diminish!

-Clive Owen

Scott Meyer is simply the best trainer I have ever had.   I have lived in New York for 14 years, I have had many trainers and tried every gym, and class there is to offer.  The last three years with Scott have transformed my body in a way I did not know was possible.   He is diligent, focused, and understands how to not let you get into the same routine.  He can reflexively change your work together in way most trainer’s cant, and really focuses on your overall health and safety.   Words can’t recommend him enough.   

-Billy Cotton 

Scott Meyer guides me in a focused and concentrated way through a challenging work out that feels great during and after.

I trust him completely and enjoy myself enormously during the session.

He's a pro and a gentleman

-Jack Pierson


Customized personal training:  Whether you have a herniated disc, are starting a strength and conditioning program post-surgery, or are new to working out, I generate personalized training programs that will be challenging, fun and leave you sweating with a sense of accomplishment.  


Nutritional counseling:  I offer my clients different nutritional plans to choose from based on their needs and weight-loss and/or performance goals. Calories from proteins, fats, and complexed carbohydrates will vary depending on these goals.  I always recommend you see a doctor first to get your levels checked such as blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, have food allergies, or  are deficient in any vitamins or minerals.


Goal oriented programmed workouts:  For all of my clients, I keep a detailed log of every workout we perform, which makes all of our workouts measurable.  My conditioning workouts are like a game in that you're trying to beat a previous time, squatting a bit deeper for a certain work/rest ratio or working your way to a full range of motion push-up.  

   If you travel for work, as most of my clients do, I design workouts that will keep you busy in your hotel room or hotel gym.




NY, NY 10012




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